Property Maintenance

Little jobs, big jobs, we do it all at a price that will give you a smile. Think about all the little issues you have around the home or your office and then think about calling TheHandyCleaner.

We pride ourselves on the quality, efficiency, cleanliness and timely finishing of our work. Please look over some of the services we provide under this category and see the many items which you can have maintained, install and repaired around your home or business. Available services can be purchased either individually or as a group package. We can tailor to your specific needs.

  • Wall Repairs - corners, holes and cracks in drywall, plaster and various types of feature walls, etc.
  • Appliance and Fixtures - stereos, flat Screen Frames, Lamps, kitchen appliances, computer and internet connections, etc.
  • Plumbing - Drain pipes, joints, washers, o-rings, water pipes, taps, sinks, tubs and showers, installations, etc
  • Woodwork, Windows, Doors - chips, gouges, splits, misalignments, joints, doors, hardware, weather proofing, windows, fireplace etc.
  • Furniture - fasteners, loose pieces, repair material, touch up stain or paint chips, refinishing, etc.
  • Painting - Walls, ceilings, doors, windows, stairwells, furniture, etc.
  • Staining - Floors, furniture, Stairs, etc.
  • Ceilings - holes, cracks, texturing, plates, etc.
  • Flooring and Carpet - nicks, scratches, snags, separation, seams, installations, etc.
  • Trimming - dents, splits, corners, joint separations, replacing Touch ups, etc.
  • Curtains and Blinds - seams, panels, hardware, installations, etc.