About Us

TheHandyCleaner is a one contact service, designed for you the customer, is community based and SAVES YOU MONEY

TheHandyCleaner is a company designed to make your life easier, at home and at work.

How we do this is simple.

YOU are the most important part of our business

You told us what your needs are and we tailored our people's talent and skills accordingly. We designed our services and products to match your requests.

You told us you really don't like alot of different people going in and out of your place. We provide people who have more than one applicable skill, thus, reducing the amount of different people from coming and going.

You told us how frustrating it can be to coordinate all the different people needed. We designed our system so you only have to make one phone call or send one email...we do the rest. You only deal with one person.


TheHandyCleaner strongest asset is OUR TEAM

Most companies make the claim their workers are important and then turn around and look at them as a cost that needs to be minimized. TheHandyCleaner has a different view; we look at our people as the crucial link to your happiness with our services and products and your repeat business, and TheHandyCleaner. Here's how we do that:

1st We maintain a low overhead and administration cost, thus passing those savings directly to you and allowing us to pay a greater portion of the money earned directly to the people doing the work. This has indirectly made us one of the highest paying companies in the industry, without having to sacrifice quality of service and worker moral.

2nd A benefit to maintaining a well paid work force allows us to pick and keep the workers who are dedicated to a strong work and customer service ethics. The stronger the workers' ethics the more successful we are in lower the administration costs and maintain a dedicated work force.

Call or email TheHandyCleaner if you think you can walk the talk as a member of your team.

This is our company in a nut shell.